U.S. DOE and EPA Announce Fuel Economy Leaders for Model Year 2005

U.S. DOE and EPA Announce Fuel Economy Leaders for Model Year 2005

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have released the 2005 Fuel Economy Guide to help consumers make well-informed choices when purchasing a new vehicle.

Topping out at an estimated 61 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city, hybrids again lead the list of fuel-efficient vehicles for the new model year. Debuting at 12th in overall mileage this year is the Ford Escape hybrid two-wheel drive sport-utility vehicle (SUV), which at 36 mpg in the city leads the SUV class. The Ford Escape joins the Honda Insight, Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius in the hybrid market. In addition to being fuelefficient, hybrids are among the cleanest running vehicles available.

"Fuel efficiency makes economic sense while improving the nation's energy security," Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham said. "The 2005 Fuel Economy Guide and our companion Web site, www.fueleconomy.gov, can help consumers make wise purchasing decisions."

"Fuel economy is an important factor for new car buyers," said EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt. "As technology continues to improve, Americans can choose fuel-efficient cars without compromising comfort or style, and this is good for the environment and the wallet."

DOE and EPA provide several online sources for more fuel economy information. The joint DOE and EPA Web site, offers detailed information on vehicle fuel economy, including a complete version of the Fuel Economy Guide. The site includes fuel economy information going back to 1978, which can be helpful for buying used cars. The Web site also includes emissions information and the Department of Transportation’s safety data for model year 2005 vehicles as well as fuel-saving tips for drivers. Printed copies of the “2005 Fuel Economy Guide” will be available at car dealerships, public libraries and credit unions later this fall.

Comprehensive information about EPA's Fuel Economy Program is available at online. In addition, EPA has posted the 2005 models on the Green Vehicle Guide Web site to give consumers a better picture of fuel economy and automobile emissions. Consumers can use this guide to locate the cleanest running and most fuel efficient vehicle that meets their needs.

Fuel economy estimates are determined by averaging numbers gathered through tests conducted by manufacturers and verified by EPA. Vehicles are tested in a controlled laboratory setting and the results are adjusted to reflect actual driving conditions. All vehicles are tested in the same way so consumers can compare the results when choosing a vehicle type or class. The mpg estimates appear on window stickers on all new cars and light trucks prior to sale. To ensure these estimates continue to remain as reliable as possible, EPA has begun a collaborative process with various stakeholders to update its testing procedures, and plans to propose appropriate changes in the next year.