Fetzer Vineyards Cultivates Environmental Stewardship Awards

Fetzer Vineyards Cultivates Environmental Stewardship Awards

A pair of environmental stewardship awards from the State of California and San Luis Obispo County highlights continuing efforts by Mendocino's Fetzer Vineyards to embrace sustainable business practices.

Senator Wesley Chesbro (D-Arcata) was on hand to present the California Department of Pesticide Regulation IPM Innovator Award for Fetzer's efforts in using integrated pest management in its 2000 acres of organic vineyards, as well as working with winery growers to provide education and support so sustainable practices are carried out in allied vineyards as well.

Senator Chesbro, speaking at the award ceremony in Sacramento, noted the unique role of vintners and grape growers in the growing sustainable farming movement. "Fetzer Vineyards has consistently been a leader in demonstrating that great wine and environmental protection can go hand in hand."

IPM Innovators are recognized for not only their use of IPM programs, but for sharing their success and helping to promote adoption of the practice with other like-minded farmers and growers. Fetzer works closely with the University of California Cooperative Extension Center in Mendocino to provide grower workshops, guidebooks and other guidance about innovations in pest management, organic farming and sustainable business practices, led by Dr. Ann Thrupp of Fetzer's Grower Relations Staff.

In San Luis Obispo, the county's Air Pollution Control District recently cited Fetzer Vineyards and its Paso Robles Five Rivers Winery as a winner of the annual Pollution Prevention Award, citing Fetzer's overall environmental efforts and its willingness to share insights and information to encourage others to adopt sustainable practices.

The awards program, held each year during national Pollution Prevention Week, is focused on pollution reduction at the source, recognizing programs that improve local quality of life.