Cisco, Microsoft, and Intel Endorse Electronics Industry Code of Conduct

Cisco, Microsoft, and Intel Endorse Electronics Industry Code of Conduct

Cisco Systems, Microsoft and Intel have endorsed the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) established by Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and IBM last month. The companies have also formed a new supply chain working group to develop implementation plans for the EICC.

The new working group, facilitated by Business for Social Responsibility, will develop common mechanisms and tolls to enable compliance with the code.

The group says the EICC was developed to establish and promote unified industry expectations for socially responsible practices across the electronics industry’s global supply chain.

The code, the partners say, sets forth a harmonised approach for monitoring suppliers’ performance across several areas, including labour and employment practices, health and safety, ethics and protection of the environment.

The companies plan to work with vendors and partners in the supply chain to adopt common approaches to supplier survey, reporting methods, auditing tools, risk assessments and programmes to enhance supplier capabilities.

Cisco says by collaborating on the initiative has deepened its relationships with suppliers and partners and expects to "see greater productivity and accountability in the sector."

And Microsoft says the collaboration is an important step to "ensure safe working conditions and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices" throughout the global supply chain.

Intel says the strength of the code lies in its implementation and that working together to build the necessary tools and mechanisms creates a framework that "allows the industry to build awareness and improve adherence" to the code worldwide.

According to HP, with more global industry leaders endorsing the code, "the lives of even more workers around the world can be improved."