FedEx Kinko's Ups Recycled Content of Behind-the-Counter Paper Stock

FedEx Kinko's Ups Recycled Content of Behind-the-Counter Paper Stock

FedEx Kinko's, one of America's first businesses to implement an "old-growth free" policy, is leading the retail paper market on the path to sustainability with the introduction of a new private-label sheet. The move substantially increases the recycled content of its standard behind-the-counter stock, the company's highest consumption area.

"We commend FedEx Kinko's for creatively using its purchasing power to be a positive influence in the forest products industry," said Gregory Hile, implementation coordinator at Rainforest Action Network. "FedEx Kinko's is responding responsibly to market demand for environmentally ethical paper products. We strongly encourage all forest products suppliers to take note of this increase and take immediate action to meet future retail demand for good wood products. The future of our forests and all life depend on it."

The upgrade is a substantial increase in the retailer's overall post-consumer recycled content and a major step toward meeting growing consumer demand for good wood products. The increase reflects FedEx Kinko's renewed commitment to environmentally ethical forest products and is acknowledged by leading environmental groups as a significant benchmark in achieving the goals in its 2003 Forest-based Products Procurement Policy.

In March 2003, then Kinko's, Inc. promised that by the end of 2004 it would only purchase forest-based products from suppliers that have independently verified, third-party certified, well-managed forests, giving preference to qualified Forest Stewardship Council-certified suppliers. Implementation includes the engagement of forest products companies to ensure that supplies do not originate in old growth, endangered, or high conservation-value forests. Its progressive vision further sets an intention to increase the use of tree-free papers made from agrifiber sources such as kenaf, rice, cotton, sugar cane and hemp.

"FedEx Kinko's is committed to careful long term decision-making that generates economic, social and environmental value today and for future generations." said Larry Rogero, director of environmental affairs for FedEx Kinko's. "With the introduction of 30-percent post-consumer recycled content paper in our highest volume area, FedEx Kinko's is again leading the way to meet the growing demand for sustainable products. It's a move that is good for business and good for the planet."