Launches Earth Day Carbon Offset Challenge Launches Earth Day Carbon Offset Challenge

In honor of Earth Day, the nonprofit has launched a carbon offset program encouraging individuals and companies to offset their carbon dioxide emissions to reduce the threat of climate change.

To participate in this year's Earth Day Carbon Offset Challenge, individuals or companies must choose to offset a fixed number of carbon dioxide tons or calculate their specific carbon footprint with an online calculator. Supporters receive a certificate for their donation and all donations are tax deductible. A company's carbon footprint can include office energy use, business travel and other operations functions.

All carbon offsets received by May 1 will count toward the challenge and the results will be announced on the Web site., an all-volunteer organization, purchases greenhouse gas emissions from a variety of sources and supports a variety of offset projects around the world, including energy efficiency and renewable energy. Carbon allowances are permanently retired, reducing the total amount of greenhouse gases that can be emitted. "Our goal is to offer individuals and businesses the lowest-cost, easiest-to-use pathway to reducing climate change. Basically, we buy carbon and retire it," says Carlson.

"'s Earth Day Carbon Offset Challenge provides forward-thinking individuals and companies a uniquely flexible and affordable opportunity to make an immediate and tangible difference in the fight against global climate change," says co-founder and President Eric Carlson. "Earth Day offers a great opportunity for everyone to stand up and take a positive step for the environment and our future."