Ecostructure Financial to Offer Free Services to 'Eco-Entrepreneurs'

Ecostructure Financial to Offer Free Services to 'Eco-Entrepreneurs'

Ecostructure Financial has announced it will begin providing business coaching and financial development services to environmentally minded entrepreneurs at no cost.

"As a lifelong ecological entrepreneur, what I've most wanted are good free advice and access to capital. Now we are fulfilling my dream to provide this for others who are passionate about the biosphere," said founder Mark Winstein. Winstein estimates there are 2000 to 4000 ecological entrepreneurs worldwide developing for-profit business strategies to deal with global ecological challenges such as climate change, water quality, open space, declining fisheries and farmland, and loss of native habitat and species.

Ecostructure will coach up-and-coming "eco-preneurs" through the various steps of business success, such as creating powerful executive summaries, business plans, presentations, and effective marketing and financial strategies. Where appropriate, Ecostructure will also help these green business pioneers design strategies for raising working capital. Businesses and projects meeting Ecostructure's development criteria will be featured on a website designed specifically to showcase and organize the work of ecological entrepreneurs. This website will be invaluable to people seeking solutions to today's ecological challenges, and will feature the action plans and bios of business leaders energizing the emerging Ecosystems Economic Sector.

"The last thing a budding eco-preneur needs is an expensive business consultant," continued Winstein. Ecostructure is already providing this service for free on a limited basis. Because Ecostructure's training methods are so inexpensive, the company is rolling out plans to make this service available to every ecological entrepreneur who desires assistance.

The cost to provide Ecostructure’s coaching services will be offset by selling subscriptions to the company’s online newsletter, The Ecological Finance Review
“In my own entrepreneurial quest, I have pursued every environmental and business leader I could corral into a conversation. As a result, I discovered that many ecological heroes who’ve achieved success are inundated with people who, like me, are seeking to pick their brains and shake a few coins from their pocketbook. It’s really overwhelming for them. With this service, today’s established leaders can honor their commitment to developing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs by sending those hungry young world-beaters to us,” Winstein added.