Clif Bar Helps Rock Music Green up Its Act

Clif Bar Helps Rock Music Green up Its Act

Clif Bar & Co. (formerly Clif Bar Inc.) Clif Bar & Co. has created special environmental partnerships with popular bands to provide fans a way to offset the CO2 they create by driving cars to attend live shows. The energy bar maker is also giving promoters and musicians ways to offset CO2 created by generating power for lights and equipment at live shows, as well as to run personal electronics while on tour. Finally, Clif Bar & Co. is giving Brennan a way to save trees and offset the energy used to produce a new CD.

"As a musician and an environmentalist, these partnerships were a natural for me," said Erickson, a jazz trumpeter and avid outdoorsman. "By teaming up with like-minded acts and festivals, we can talk with music lovers about global warming and other environmental issues. Plus, we can do it in a proactive way that's informative without being preachy."

Clif Bar & Co.'s innovative partnerships present real solutions to the environmental impact of music performance, production and attendance. For example, its "Cool Tags" program enables rock fans to reduce the impact their concert travel has on global warming. Through a Clif Bar partnership with NativeEnergy, concertgoers can purchase wind energy credits to offset the amount of CO2 they generate driving to and from shows. For each $2 Cool Tag, a concert attendee can offset approximately 300 miles of car travel.

Clif Bar partnerships during the 2005 summer concert season include:
  • Dave Matthews Band - Cool Tags will be offered at the Clif Bar booth during the July 30-31 shows at Randall's Island in New York City.

  • Cloud Cult - For this Minneapolis indie-band's ongoing 2005 summer tour, Clif Bar helped purchase enough wind energy and plant enough trees to offset the entire estimated amount of CO2 emissions created by the tour. In addition, Clif Bar & Co. helped purchase and install solar panels on the group's tour van, which is powering band members' mobile phones and computers as they cross the country.

  • Garrett Brennan - Clif Bar helped this Portland native's upcoming CD, Little Cottonwood, receive climate neutral certification from the Climate Trust. The CO2 created by the CD's production was offset through wind energy credits purchased from NativeEnergy. In addition, the CD sleeve is made with recycled paper and the liner notes are printed using soy based inks. As Clif Bar does with its Clif Nectar fruit and nut bar, a portion of the proceeds from the CD's sales will be donated to the Organic Farming Research Foundation through the 1% For The Planet business alliance.

  • Bonnaroo - Through a partnership with NativeEnergy, Clif Bar purchased enough wind credits to offset the estimated 732 tons of CO2 generated in the production of this annual multi-day festival, which drew 80,000 fans in June to Manchester, Tenn. The Clif Bar team also was present in its biodiesel van to sell 750 Cool Tags, offsetting an estimated 116 tons of CO2-equivalent to 233,000 miles of auto travel-generated by concertgoers getting to and from the event.
More information on Clif Bar's environmental intitiatives is available online.