Car-Share Company Earns Nod for Reducing Impact of Own Employees' Commute

Car-Share Company Earns Nod for Reducing Impact of Own Employees' Commute

Flexcar, a pioneer of car-sharing programs in the U.S., has been designated as one of the "Best Workplaces for Commuters" by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation.

Best Workplaces for Commuters, a partnership program designed to cut traffic congestion and traffic-related air pollution, recognizes employers that provide environmentally friendly commuter benefits to employees. Offering these commuter benefits identifies Flexcar as an organization committed to reducing pollution, commuting costs, traffic congestion, and employee stress caused by single-occupant vehicle commuting.

According to Margo Oge, EPA director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, the effects of incentive programs like Best Workplaces for Commuters can be dramatic. "If just half of all U.S. employees were covered under these commuter benefits," said Oge, "traffic and air pollution could be cut by the equivalent of taking 15 million cars off the road every year, saving American workers about $12 billion in fuel costs. That's both cleaner air and real savings for families."

The designation is a logical fit for Flexcar, a program that directly supports non-vehicle commute options. Via the Internet, Flexcar members can instantly reserve any of hundreds of low emission vehicles, including gas/electric hybrids, pickup trucks and minivans located throughout five major metro areas, including Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Washington, D.C., area.

Members reserve the vehicles for hourly use with Flexcar covering the cost of the car, gas, parking, insurance, and maintenance. Most of these vehicles are located in dense urban areas and business centers. For commuters, it means they have access to a car at the office without driving to the office.

"We know that it takes a lot to get a commuter out of their car and into a different commuting option," said Lance Ayrault, Flexcar's CEO. "That's why we not only offer commuter benefits to our own employees, but work with employers and transit agencies across the country to offer Flexcar to their employees. We've found that when a car at the office is an option, interest in alternative commute options goes up."