LEED for Homes Takes Flight in One-Year Pilot Demo Program

LEED for Homes Takes Flight in One-Year Pilot Demo Program

USGBC) has initiated a one-year pilot demonstration of its newest green building rating system, LEED for Homes.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Homes Rating System is a voluntary program that will recognize and reward the top 25% of green home builders, based on the homes' environmentally sound construction. New homes built to the LEED standards will be designed and constructed to use less energy, less water and fewer materials, and improve indoor air quality through better ventilation, filtration systems, and control of pollutant sources.

"The residential market is a new area for LEED and USGBC," says Rick Fedrizzi, USGBC president, CEO, and founding chair.

"The homes market is in line with our mission of transforming the built environment on all levels. These LEED homes will help lower operating costs, increase home value, reduce maintenance issues and improve indoor environmental quality," Fedrizzi says.

The LEED for Homes rating systems will address the unique needs of the residential market, including giving local support for home builders. In a new approach for LEED, the USGBC has created the LEED for Homes Providers who will provide support services to builders of LEED homes during the pilot phase.

Providers are local and regional organizations that have been selected to provide technical, marketing and verification support services to builders.

USGBC selected 12 local Providers for the pilot program, based on their outstanding qualifications and proven experience in supporting builders in the construction of high performance, sustainable homes. Only these select providers will be eligible to work with the builders in the delivery of LEED for Homes during the year-long pilot.

During the pilot phase, the LEED for Homes Providers will also be responsible for selecting the appropriate pilot projects. They will verify that the homes built under the LEED rating system meet the system's requirements. Home builders interested in taking part in the LEED for Homes pilot can submit an application online.