Clif Bar Greens Slopes to Fight Global Warming

Clif Bar Greens Slopes to Fight Global Warming

Clif Bar is launching a nationwide campaign this winter to help ski resorts, skiers, and snowboarders combat global warming, which threatens to reduce snowfall and jeopardize winter sports for years to come.

Clif Bar will be a partner in the 2006 Golden Eagle Awards program, which honors the nation's most eco-friendly ski resorts. The company also will enable winter sports enthusiasts to purchase renewable energy to offset their own impact on global climate change, gain access to carpools and public transit, and educate themselves on other ways to offset greenhouse gases.

As a partner in the 2006 Golden Eagle Awards, Clif Bar will reward two ski resorts that demonstrate the strongest commitment to environmental excellence through energy conservation, clean energy use, habitat protection and other efforts. The 2006 Golden Eagle Award winner will receive a cash prize. The Silver Eagle Award recipient will receive a green energy credit to fund enough renewable energy to run a ski lift "pollution free" for the entire ski season. The Golden Eagle Awards are a partnership of the National Ski Areas Association, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Clif Bar.

Separately, Clif Bar & Co. will purchase clean wind power to help at least five other ski resorts offset the energy used to run their ski lifts. They include Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah, and four in the Lake Tahoe Area: Kirkwood, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, and Northstar.

Clif Bar also will make it possible for winter resort-goers to purchase green energy credits. These credits fund clean, renewable wind power to offset the greenhouse gases cars generate on a ski vacation. At some resorts, Clif Bar will sell "Cool Tags" developed in partnership with NativeEnergy. Each $2 Cool Tag funds enough wind energy to offset the global warming impact of 300 miles of auto travel. Clif Bar also is sponsoring a similar SkiGreen Mini-Tag program with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation at ski resorts in Lake Tahoe and the Northwest. Last winter, ski-goers bought nearly 5,000 Mini-Tags, funding clean wind energy equivalent to the output needed to power 50 U.S. homes for one year.

In addition to energy offset and ski resort programs, Clif Bar will this winter:
  • Develop a public service announcement (PSA) on global warming to educate ski resort guests. The PSA begins airing in January on the Resort Sports Network (RSN TV)

  • Partner with to encourage skiers to carpool to resorts in Colorado

  • Provide Clif Bars to encourage use of the University of Colorado Ski Bus serving the Breckenridge and Keystone resorts on weekends
“Last year's erratic snowfall and ongoing reports of Arctic ice melt should signal us that global warming may already be diminishing the winter season,” said Ricardo Balazs of Clif Bar. “We’re excited to join forces with ski resorts, their guests, and visitors to save our natural environment and reduce the impact of global warming.”

Scientists now predict global warming will diminish snowpack in the Western United States by up to 70% in the coastal mountains over the next 50 years. Studies also forecast that ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains will be all but shut down by 2050 if global warming continues at its current rate.