Bayer, BASF Among First Companies to Sign Responsible Care Global Charter

Bayer, BASF Among First Companies to Sign Responsible Care Global Charter

Bayer and BASF are among the first companies worldwide to sign the Responsible Care Global Charter, aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of chemicals developed by the health care industry.

The global chemical association ICCA presented its Responsible Care Global Charter at the recent United Nations' International Conference on Chemicals Management in Dubai. The charter contains several principles geared toward the long-term improvement of risk assessment, risk management, and information on products and their safe handling. In the area of social responsibility, the charter calls for increased dialogue with chemical industry stakeholders.

"Our commitment to sustainable development is an integral part of our corporate strategy," said Eggert Voscherau, vice chairman of the board of executive directors and chairman of the sustainability council of BASF. "As 'The Chemical Company,' it is only natural for us to continuously expand our activities in this field and set a good example."

Said Dr. Udo Oels, the Bayer board member responsible for innovation, technology, and the environment and also a member of the ICCA board: "At Bayer, sustainability is an integral part of corporate policy: in all our activities, economic, ecological and social objectives have equal importance," "That's why our company has been significantly involved in the development of the Responsible Care Global Charter through which we want to further improve environmental and health protection worldwide."

During the ICCA Conference Oels talked about the importance for international chemicals management of technology and know-how transfer between industrial and developing countries. "The ICCA member associations and the companies they represent will intensify their efforts to transfer knowledge in matters of chemical safety," said Oels.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, executive director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), stressed how important the international exchange of experience and training measures were in the field of environmental protection. It was his view that public sector and industry could work successfully together in this area. "Evidence of this is provided by the UNEP-Bayer partnership in the field of youth environment programs," he said. Together, the two partners implement environmental projects worldwide designed to enhance knowledge of the environment among young people and acquaint them at an early stage with the concept of Responsible Care.

The Responsible Care Global Charter summarizes the new tenets of the global chemical industry's Responsible Care initiative launched in 1985 to promote continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance. One of the main new aspects is the extension of Responsible Care along the entire value creation chain. Companies from 52 countries have committed themselves to Responsible Care via their national member associations.

Full text of the Responsible Care Global Charter can be downloaded in PDF format online.