Dow Chemical Latest to Endorse Responsible Care Global Charter

Dow Chemical Latest to Endorse Responsible Care Global Charter

Dow Chemical Company president and CEO Andrew Liveris has signed the Responsible Care Global Charter, the global chemical industry's environmental, health and safety initiative. The company also endorsed the Global Product Strategy, an effort by the global chemical industry to further improve its product stewardship efforts.

Responsible Care aims to drive continuous improvement in performance by meeting and going beyond legislative and regulatory compliance, and by adopting cooperative and voluntary initiatives with government and other stakeholders. The Charter addresses topics such as the growing public dialogue over sustainable development, public health issues related to the use of chemical products, the need for greater industry transparency, and the opportunity to achieve greater harmonization and consistency among various national Responsible Care programs.

The Responsible Care Global Charter was developed under the auspices of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA). As an extension of the Responsible Care's emphasis on product stewardship, ICCA also developed a Global Product Strategy, intended to guide the industry's long-term efforts to meet the global challenges to chemical products. The Global Product Strategy includes development of guidelines for product stewardship, a tiered process for risk characterization and management; focus on downstream industry customers, exploration of intergovernmental organization partnerships, and greater transparency in product stewardship information.

In signing the Global Charter, Dow's Andrew Liveris joins a growing number of other chemical industry CEOs who have reaffirmed their support of the vision and ethics of Responsible Care on a global scale. Both the Charter and Product Strategy are supported by Secretary General Kofi Annan in alignment with the environmental principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which seeks to promote responsible corporate citizenship.

"Responsible Care is an ethic and a commitment that seeks to build confidence and trust in an industry that is essential to improving living standards and the quality of life," said Liveris. "Since being a founding member of Responsible Care in the 1980s, Dow has actively practiced and promoted its principles and we strongly support the Global Charter."

The Responsible Care Global Charter and the Global Products Strategy were launched February 2006 at the United Nations International Conference on Chemicals Management in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. More information is available online.