Alcoa River Project Honored by U.S. Hydropower Association

Alcoa River Project Honored by U.S. Hydropower Association

Alcoa has been recognized as a 2005 Outstanding Stewardship of America's Rivers (OSAR) award recipient by the National Hydropower Association for its outstanding achievement regarding the Tapoco Hydroelectric Project in Tennessee and North Carolina, led by Alcoa Power Generating Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcoa. This project involved Alcoa's release of water into two by-passed reaches of the Little Tennessee and the Cheoah Rivers in Tennessee and North Carolina, and the protection of nearly 10,000 acres of land within the Little Tennessee River watershed. It also included granting The Nature Conservancy, at no cost, permanent conservation easements on about 5,900 acres and term conservation easements on an additional 3,975 acres of Alcoa-owned land.

Alcoa's environmental accomplishment will be featured in The Outstanding Stewardships of America's Rivers (OSAR) report created by NHA, which presents exemplary examples of hydropower's ability to generate clean, renewable, reliable and affordable electricity while protecting the riverine ecosystem. Projects are chosen for inclusion in the report by a committee of judges, representing the water quality community, the NGO community, and the hydropower industry.

"The Tapoco Hydroelectric Project is sustainability in action," said Kevin Anton, President, Alcoa Materials Management. "The preservation of thousands of jobs, solid guarantees of protected resources affecting a myriad of plant and animal life, and our organization's ability to keep its hydropower operating license another 40 years ... are all positive outcomes from this project."

"The Alcoa Tapoco project is an excellent example of responsible corporate stewardship. The cooperative approach adopted by a broad range of Tennessee and Cheoah Rivers stakeholders will benefit the environment now and far into the future through significant water management strategies and conservation easements," said George Martin, 2005 president of the NHA.

The report is available online.