Green Flight Program for Business Travelers Launches in Canada

Green Flight Program for Business Travelers Launches in Canada

UNIGLOBE Travel Inc. has introduced its new Green Flight program, which allows business travelers to counter the effects of their flight's carbon dioxide emissions. The Green Flight Program is Ecologo certified under the Environmental Choice Program from Environment Canada.

UNIGLOBE Travel International is an international travel management company that specializes in providing travel services to the small to mid-size enterprise (SME) market. UNIGLOBE agents will invite their clients to participate in the program for a fee calculated based on an estimate of greenhouse gas emissions for their chosen flight.

"UNIGLOBE is committed to helping address the negative environmental impact of air travel where it can," said Michelle Desreux, President of Uniglobe Travel (Western Canada) Inc. "The Green Flight Program is an easy and affordable way for flight passengers to neutralize harmful emissions when they fly. Take part in the Green Flight Program and feel good about air travel. That is our message. Together we can help combat a serious and growing environmental problem."

Planes emit significant carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. For example, passengers taking one transatlantic flight produce about one ton of CO2 emissions. Moreover, the plane deposits the carbon dioxide where it does the worst possible damage, between 30,000 and 40,000 feet above the earth's surface.

A sustainable or green travel movement is taking hold in the international travel business, according to UNIGLOBE. Destination marketing organizations, hotels, attractions and tour operators around the world are seeking ways to protect and enhance the environmental, social and cultural impacts of travel. Limiting air travel is an unrealistic answer to questions about how to make a positive difference, says the company. Rather, programs such as Green Flight, give travelers opportunities to help neutralize CO2 pollution through other simple steps.

Desreux says, "UNIGLOBE is asking travelers to look at the environmental consequences of flying and invest a little to offset their flight's impact. Their contribution supports projects that help to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted and adds momentum to an international green travel trend."