NAHB Applauds EPA's New Voluntary Water Conservation Program

NAHB Applauds EPA's New Voluntary Water Conservation Program

A new voluntary water efficiency program that will build a national brand for technologies and practices that conserve this vital resource is great news for home builders and new home buyers, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

Patterned after the popular Energy Star program that recognizes consumer products with superior energy efficiency, WaterSense will identify products and services that use less water. Energy Star is administered by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA administrator Stephen Johnson officially launched the voluntary guidelines at the annual conference of the American Water Works Association in San Antonio yesterday.

The new water guidelines are expected to give "green" home building suppliers an additional benefit in the marketplace -- and that should encourage more consumer acceptance, said NAHB President David Pressly, a home builder in Statesville, N.C.

“We know many home builders are looking for ways to build green, and that means much more than just energy efficiency. Green building includes paying close attention to resource conservation, and water certainly is an important resource,” Pressly said. First-time costs and payback times for green products influence consumer decisions as well. Home buyers can visit the NAHB Research Center and see comparisons.

“Home buyers can now choose from a number of innovative products –- from low-flow showerheads to drip sprinkler systems and dual-flush toilets –- that help them save water. A nationally branded program will entice more suppliers to offer resource-efficient solutions and allow home builders to stay ahead of consumer demand,” Pressly said.

“I never thought I'd be promoting 'designer water,’ but I’ll make an exception in this case,” he added. “Our builders want to go green because it’s the right thing to do, and a voluntary program gives more choices to the consumer. I hope that WaterSense will make it easier for our members to accomplish this goal.”