USGBC Awards LivingHomes First-Ever Platinum Rating in Residential Design

USGBC Awards LivingHomes First-Ever Platinum Rating in Residential Design

LivingHomes has received the highest rating possible from the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) new pilot, LEED for Homes rating system, making it the first residential project in the country to attain a Platinum rating and setting a new national standard in sustainable construction.

The LivingHomes model home is a Zero Energy, Zero Water, Zero Waste, Zero Carbon, Zero Emissions residence, proving that less is indeed more.

"While the residential market is a new area for LEED and USGBC, the LEED for Homes pilot program moves us closer towards our ultimate goal of transforming the built environment on all levels," said Rick Fedrizzi, USGBC President, CEO & Founding Chair. "The LivingHomes' model home is expected to demonstrate that incorporating sustainable design into the construction process will help to lower operating costs, increase home value, reduce maintenance issues and improve indoor environmental quality in the long-term. With fewer than 20 LEED Platinum-certified commercial buildings nationwide, achieving Platinum certification is by no means a simple endeavor. LivingHomes demonstrates an unwavering commitment to sustainable design and will be pivotal in building awareness for the program."

Since the LEED program's inception in 2000, 550 buildings have been certified and only 20 have achieved Platinum. In Los Angeles County, three projects have achieved a Platinum rating, including the NRDC Robert Redford Building in Santa Monica, the Lakeview Terrace Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, and the Audobon Center in Northeast Los Angeles. No residences have received a Platinum rating to date, making LivingHomes the first homebuilder in the United States to reach such a level of environmental achievement. Through careful design, rigorous testing, and thorough integration of comprehensive environmental systems, LivingHomes has set the benchmark high for sustainable residential design.

"We are honored to achieve LEED Platinum certification," said LivingHomes Founder and CEO Steve Glenn. "As a company, we're committed to building some of the healthiest, most ecologically considered production homes available and we will use LEED for Homes both to clarify what we're doing and why -- and to help our customers understand what's different and important vis-a-vis other production homes. The LEED Platinum certification is an appropriate, and much-appreciated acknowledgement, of our efforts."

Similar to the LEED program for new commercial construction, the LEED for Homes pilot is based on a four-tiered rating system (Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum) that awards points to projects based on their efficient use of energy resources, water resources, building construction resources, land resources, and consideration of enhanced indoor environmental quality. The LivingHomes model home, designed by iconic Southern California architect Ray Kappe, FAIA, was awarded a total of 91 points out of 109, establishing the prefab developer as a leader in sustainable design.