Leonardo Academy Kicks Off Development of Sustainable Vehicle Rating System

Leonardo Academy Kicks Off Development of Sustainable Vehicle Rating System

Leonardo Academy says it has launched of development of SPEED-E for Vehicles - the Sustainability Rating System for vehicles as an ANSI Standard.

SPEED-E -- which stands for Sustainable Performance and Environmentally Efficient Design Excellence -- is the first third-party standard for analyzing the sustainability of cars, trucks and other vehicles. SPEED-E is a voluntary standard that will rate, compare and communicate the sustainability of vehicles over their entire life cycle. Leonardo Academy says the system will make it easier for vehicle consumers to integrate environmental performance into their purchasing decisions, by providing at a glance summaries of the over all sustainability ratings of vehicles. It also will help vehicle manufacturers design, produce and sell more sustainable vehicles.

"To succeed long term auto makers need to make cars that both meet consumers needs, expectations and dreams so they want to buy these cars AND are more sustainable so these cars contribute to an going environmental improvement the world needs," says Michael Arny, President of Leonardo Academy.

SPEED-E for Vehicles will also help consumers."Right now, car shoppers have a hard time finding information about a car's environmental performance beyond the gas mileage," says Arny. “By measuring bumper-to-bumper sustainability over vehicles' entire lifecycle of the vehicle, SPEED-E for Vehicles will change all this and make it easy for consumers understand the environmental impacts of their vehicle choices. SPEED-E for Vehicles will also provide manufacturers with a valuable framework for designing, manufacturing, and selling more sustainable vehicles. Just as the US Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System has revolutionized and energized the development and operation of sustainable buildings, SPEED-E for Vehicles will energize the design, manufacture and use of sustainable vehicles.”

The proposed system is being developed as an ANSI standard. Leonardo Academy is an accredited ANSI standards developer. Leonardo Academy is currently gathering participants for the SPEED-E for Vehicles development and pilot testing of the rating system.