NetApp Receives Top California Environmental Honor

NetApp Receives Top California Environmental Honor

Network Appliance, a leader in advanced network storage solutions, today announced it has been recognized by the Waste Reduction Awards Program for its continued efforts to reduce waste and protect the environment.

The WRAP awards, presented for the past 14 years by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, recognize California businesses that have made outstanding efforts to reduce nonhazardous waste and reduce waste disposal in landfills.

NetApp received this honor for implementing innovative programs for waste and scrap material reduction, reuse, and recycling to conserve energy and benefit the environment. Specifically, NetApp successfully diverted more than 1.4 million pounds of landfill waste and, through aggressive recycling efforts, decreased its waste output by 10% in one year. In addition, NetApp continues to leverage cutting-edge engineering and procurement standards to eliminate potential hazardous materials in its product designs.

"California continues to benefit in so many ways thanks to businesses and nonprofit organizations whose environmentally friendly policies conserve our natural resources and create economic opportunities," said Margo Reid Brown, board chair of the California Integrated Waste Management Board. “In 2006, WRAP winners were shining examples of how we can all find ways to cut waste and recycle as much as possible, reuse materials, and be conscientious stewards of our natural resources. It's a pleasure to honor these businesses.”

Responsible waste management is part of NetApp efforts to preserve the environment. The company also focuses on reducing its carbon footprint by implementing best practices for energy efficiency during building design and equipment selection and also works to raise environmental awareness among its employees. NetApp has also established a framework under the ISO 14001 management system for planning, implementing, reviewing, and improving its processes and actions to meet environmental obligations and objectives.

“We are truly honored to have achieved this recognition and are proud of the success we have achieved thus far in our waste reduction and recycling efforts,” said Dan Hoffman, director of Facilities at Network Appliance. “NetApp is committed to minimizing environmental impact through conscientious use of our products, activities, and services. Our deep commitment to environmental protection is exemplified through our employee base, whose strong support and recommendations yield continuous improvements in our programs and whose unified vision supports a greener future.”