Dell Extends Goals to Increase Server Energy Efficiency

Dell Extends Goals to Increase Server Energy Efficiency

Dell has unveiled two servers designed to reduce power consumption and deliver dramatic improvements in performance and performance per watt for enterprise customers.

Dell's PowerEdge 2970 and PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 will be the first servers from a major systems provider to market with the new Dual Dynamic Power Management feature ready to enable optimized quad-core performance and power management.

The PowerEdge 2970 server is engineered to draw up to 34 percent less power and deliver up to 105 percent greater performance per watt over the previous generation of Dell servers featuring dual-core processors.

"Customers are constantly challenged with constraints on their IT infrastructure and lifecycle costs," said Jay Parker, director of Dell's PowerEdge Servers group. "We're committed to help with comprehensive offerings that reduce total cost of ownership through virtualization, energy efficiency and accelerating multi-core adoption."

Dell has extended its Energy Smart lineup with the PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 server to help customers decrease power consumption and reduce overall operating costs. The Dell PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 server can deliver up to 25 percent greater performance per watt while reducing power consumption by up to 21 percent compared to standard PowerEdge 2970 Servers.

These improvements can save hundreds of dollars per server every year, which can translate to millions of dollars per year in large data center deployments. Customers can also benefit from the smaller energy footprint to drive increased density in the data center by deploying up to four PowerEdge Energy Smart servers within the same "power envelope" that would be occupied today by three standard PowerEdge 2970 servers.