Flexcar and TerraPass Join to Offset Car-Sharing's Carbon Costs

Flexcar and TerraPass Join to Offset Car-Sharing's Carbon Costs

Under a new membership program, Flexcar has become the first car-sharing company to allow customers to offset the carbon emissions from cars they borrow. In a partnership with TerraPass, Flexcar's the Green Membership can pay $9.95 per year to offset one ton of emissions per membership.

"Flexcar's Green Membership is a new way for Flexcar and our members to extend our commitment to leading environmental stewardship," said Mark Norman, Flexcar's CEO. "Now, in addition to driving environmentally friendly vehicles, like hybrids, our members can effectively balance the impact of all of their Flexcar trips."

TerraPass will use the Green Membership funds to sponsor clean energy projects that are certified to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All TerraPass purchases are verified by an independent third-party auditor, the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. The Green Membership will also include supplementary benefits in the future, including discounts with some of Flexcar's environmentally progressive partners.

"Flexcar's members are already making a considerable contribution to the health of our planet," said Tom Arnold, founder and chief environmental officer of TerraPass. "With Flexcar's Green Membership, they can further reduce the environmental impact of their Flexcar use."

Research conducted by the Transportation Research board has found that car-sharing programs reduce the environmental impact of driving in a number of ways, including an average 40 percent reduction of vehicle miles traveled and estimates that each shared car removes up to 15 personally owned vehicles from the streets.

In addition to the Green Membership program, Flexcar emphasizes environmentally friendly vehicles in its fleet, which already achieves 40 percent higher fuel economy than the average new vehicle sold in the U.S. One-third of Flexcar's fleet consists of hybrid vehicles, and it also includes smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles like MINI Coopers, Scion tC's and Mazda Miatas.