Dell and Emerson Partner to Help Cut Power Consumption

Dell and Emerson Partner to Help Cut Power Consumption

Dell has teamed with Emerson Network Power and its Liebert power and cooling business to create the Dell-Liebert Smart Solution, which can help customers cut power consumption by as much as 42 percent in their data centers compared to previous Dell servers.

The Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solution can boost systems performance by as much as 80 percent by combining Dell's PowerEdge Energy Smart servers with Liebert XD supplemental cooling technology and Liebert DSroom cooling systems.

It aims to let customers streamline their IT environments, reclaim more data space and increase power efficiency.

Results from a Dell analysis using four scenarios show that the Dell-Liebert Smart Solution delivered up to a 250 percent performance gain with no increase in facility power requirements, the company said.

Dell will continue designing additional Energy Smart Services to help customers target power and cooling inefficiencies, reduce energy usage, analyze data center infrastructure and improve computing capacity.

"CIOs and facilities managers are consistently faced with the challenge of increasing computing capacity to meet growing business needs while concurrently minimizing energy costs," said Rick Becker, Dell Product Group's vice president of solutions, in a statement. "By reducing both operational costs and the carbon footprint for our customers, Dell is simplifying the way businesses can take advantage of energy efficient programs and technologies without compromising IT performance."