Tougher Energy Star Requirements Take Effect

Tougher Energy Star Requirements Take Effect

New Energy Star 4.0 requirements for office equipment go into effect Friday, aiming to reduce energy consumption in areas where power is wasted.

The new requirements set energy consumption benchmarks for desktop computers, laptops, monitors and other office devices.

Several models from Dell and HP product lines already meet the new standards, which were announced in October.

The new Energy Star computer power supply requirement calls for systems to be at least 80 percent efficient, meaning 80 percent of incoming power or more must be converted to power system components.

Desktop systems must consume two watts or less while in standby mode, the deepest form of hibernation. During sleep mode, where the system can quickly resume full working capacity, desktop systems must consume four watts or less. The requirements set 50 watts or less as the consumption benchmark for despktop systems in an idle state.

Notebook computers are more restrictive. Notebook computers must use one watt or less while in standby mode, 1.7 watts or less in sleep mode and 14 watts or less while in an idle state.

Monitors must consume 2 watts or less while in sleep mode and 1 watt or less in off mode.

Energy Star qualified office equipment in a single home office with a computer, monitor, printer and fax can, over its lifetime, save enough electricity to light an entire home for more than four years, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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