Carfax Launches Carbon Neutral Campaign

Carfax Launches Carbon Neutral Campaign

Carfax will launch a carbon neutral campaign Saturday at the Carfax 250 NASCAR Busch Series race, an event it bills as the first carbon neutral stock car race in history.

The vehicle history report company plans to offset all carbon emissions generated from its day-to-day business operations, including company-supported events, corporate travel and its marketing and sales operations.

It will partner with The Conservation Fund and for the initiative, beginning with buying and retiring carbon offsets for all employee and fan travel to and from the race and the emissions generated from the event's 43 stock cars. The event will take place at Michigan International Speedway.

"Starting with our single largest marketing initiative, the Carfax 250, we're taking the first step to reducing our carbon footprint," Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax, said in a statement. "It's a lot easier than most people think to get started, but we realize there's still a long road ahead. Through the help and support of our environmental partners, we'll figure out those next steps."

Carfax will work with The Conservation Fund to work out a carbon reduction plan that could include opportunities for Carfax dealer customers and used car shoppers to offset the carbon emissions of the cars they purchase.

"By demonstrating a market-based approach to conservation we can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard critical wildlife habitat, protect our nation's air and water, and enhance public recreation areas for current and future generations," said Larry Selzer, president of The Conservation Fund.

The Conservation Fund has in place similar arrangements with entities such as Range Rover Las Vegas and Range Rover Portland. Both automobile retailers offer customers the chance to offset their emissions generated from 50,000 miles of driving. The auto dealers make corresponding donations to The Conservation Fund, which works to restore native forests through replanting and preservation.

Carfax is the latest in a long line of companies that buys offsets from Also this week, for instance, Pekoe Tips Inc., which markets The Simple Leaf Tea, announced it would offset the emissions from its operations through

"Doing something about the impact of climate change is no longer a choice - it is a necessity," said Nikhil Roychowdhury, Pekoe Tips' founder and CEO., a non-profit founded in 2004, supports renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.