Sun Unveils New Eco-Initiative and Three Green Data Centers

Sun Unveils New Eco-Initiative and Three Green Data Centers

Sun Microsystems unveiled a major series of environmental initiatives Tuesday, including a new Eco Innovation Initiative and three state-of-the-art data centers.

The data centers in Santa Clara, Bangladore, India and Blackwater, United Kingdom were put into operation between January and June and are expected to cut 4,100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

The data centers use next-generation energy efficient systems, such as Sun Fire T1000/T2000 servers, Sun's x64 servers and the Solaris Operating System. The move reduces Sun's 267,000 square feet of data space to 133,000 square feet.

"New standards in data center design and management are not only good for the environment, but they are also good for a company's bottom line," said Sun Microsystems CIO Bob Worrall, who is responsible for reducing Sun's corporate datacenter energy usage by 20 percent in fiscal year 2008. "Most CIOs don't even see an energy bill, which makes little sense given that datacenters can consume a significant portion of a company's total energy draw."

The company also announced an arsenal of programs to help its customers create more energy efficient data centers through its Eco Innovation Initiative. New tools include three Eco Ready Kits that target assessments, optimization and virtualization.

The Sun Eco Assessment Kit uses a combination of assessment services for systems, storage and data center infrastructure to give users a methodical approach to analyzing data center energy efficiency.

The Sun Eco Optimization Kit helps customers optimize, consolidate, refresh and recycle their hardware infrastructure.

The Sun Eco Virtualization Kit offers virtualization solutions to aid asset utilization and data center efficiency. Its core offering is the Solaris 10 OS, including Solaris Containers, which enables companies to consolidate applications on a single server.

Its new Sun Eco Services Suite aims to improve data center energy utilization, tune cooling air distribution and other infrastructure systems to positively impact operational costs and service.

The suite offerings include the Sun Eco Assessment Service for Data Center-Basic, Sun Eco Assessment Service for Data Center-Advanced, Sun Eco Cooling Efficiency Service for Data Center and Sun Eco Optimization Service for Data Center.

"The environmental and economic impact of increasing power and cooling in the data center is a major concern to our customers. Sun's Eco Services Suite is designed for customers who want to make cost effective changes to their data center operations, which can boost efficiency by up to 20 percent," said Jeya Kumar, senior vice president of the Services Group at Sun Microsystems. "The time to reduce our impact on the environment is now; what's good for business is good for the environment."