Tool Helps Travelers Offset Emissions

Tool Helps Travelers Offset Emissions

Another tool to help travelers calculate their carbon imprint is now available, but this one lets them immediately offset their flight- or auto-related emissions.

Better World Club and LiveNeutral, launched a carbon calculator today that allows people to go to a website, book a flight and offset the emissions with just a few clicks, as well as buy emergency roadside assistance protection and auto insurance.

The roadside assistance and auto insurance comes from Better World Club, which bills itself as the country's only socially responsible, environmentally friendly roadside assistance and travel club. It offers several programs, such as offsetting portions of their customers' carbon emissions for free when their agents book the travel, surcharging for gas guzzling vehicles, roadside assistance for bicyclists and discounts for alternative fuel vehicles. Its auto insurance customers get their first 2,000 miles of driving offset for free. The company also donates 1 percent of revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy.

"Better World Club was the first company in the roadside assistance, travel, and insurance industries to offer carbon offsets," said Mitch Rofsky, Better World Club president, in a statement. "Given that we battle other auto clubs over the regulation of automobile greenhouse gasses, apparently everyone, but our competition, knows that cars generate much of the pollution that contributes to global warming. This new feature on our website now makes it practical to reduce the environmental impact that you can't otherwise avoid when driving or flying."

LiveNeutral is a non-profit that helps individuals, organizations and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. The organization, which will host the carbon calculators and offsetting program, works exclusively with the Chicago Climate Exchange.

"We are excited to work with Better World Club to educate its environmentally and socially conscious members on how much carbon they produce from their travel and to help them offset those emissions so they too can make a difference on global warming," said Jason Smith, LiveNeutral's co-founder and executive director.