Mo. Brokerage Firm to Use LEED as Benchmark for Office Projects

Mo. Brokerage Firm to Use LEED as Benchmark for Office Projects

A Midwest real estate brokerage said Wednesday it would make LEED standards its "official benchmark" for the construction and leasing office projects it represents.

The Tenant Rep Agency will promote green building in the representation of all of its clients, which could motivate builders to incorporate green features if there is the demand from future tenants, many of whom have previous involvement with the company.

"It has long been assumed that promotion of green benefits or LEED certification construction was the exclusive venue of the real estate owner or as promulgated through their developer or property manager," said Company Chairman Christopher Desloge.

"In fact, as the tenant alone provides the means by which landlords make their money, it seemed more than obvious that the tenant should know about and drive the green ideas first...especially when it is important to disqualify those landlords that do not or can not meet the green standards."

The company cited lower energy use, reduced carbon emissions and cheaper operating costs as reasons for using LEED as its marker.

"Stewardship of environmental essentials and personal health are not topics on which an informed and caring brokerage agent can remain silent," Deslodge said.