APC, Schneider Electric Open Green Research Center

APC, Schneider Electric Open Green Research Center

At the latest meeting of the Green Grid, APC and Schneider Electric, both members of the group, opened the doors on a new, 100,000-square-foot research center aimed at creating the next generation of energy-efficient data center equipment and designs.

The goal of the new Schneider Electric Technology Center is to build a central hub for data center research and other industry-wide projects aimed and bringing down the impact of information technology in the 21st century.

Andrew Fanara, who works on the EPA's Energy Star program, attended the event and said that the business climate in the U.S. is shifting to the point that companies will soon pay a much higher price for the energy used by their data centers than they currently do.

"We are already seeing carbon schemes developing and there is no longer a semi-free lunch for data center energy consumption," Fanara said, according to an InformationWeek article by Darrell Dunn.

This is the second major announcement from the Green Grid in recent weeks. Just last week, the group, which is made up of more than 100 tech companies and government groups, announced that it had cleared three significant research hurdles, including analyses of data center configurations and white papers on energy efficiency metrics.

The new research center will house, among other projects, researchers working to develop APC's InfraStruXure data center products, and will be made available to other IT companies to test their new products as well.