Green Building Market to Grow More Than $2B by 2011: Report

Green Building Market to Grow More Than $2B by 2011: Report

A new report from market researcher SBI finds that the booming green building market will continue its rapid expansion through 2011, more than doubling in size to $4.7 billion in the next four years.

The report, "Green Building Materials in the U.S.," also finds that the market for green building materials has been growing at a rate of 23 percent per year through 2006. Although the growth is expected to slow slightly -- growing only by 17 percent per year -- but will remain unaffected by the current housing slowdown in the U.S.

The boom has been fueled by a combination of commercial and residential building buyers and occupants, as well as people undertaking DIY renovation and upgrade projects. These groups, the report's authors find, are now considering energy efficiency, indoor air quality and other measures of sustainability fundamental to occupying homes and offices.

Another prediction in the report suggests that green flooring, whether through sustainable or renewable wood products or other green methods, will leapfrog from the slowest-growing segment of the green building market to the fastest-growing segment by 2011.

The report, which is available to purchase from SBI, also covers emerging opportunities in the green building market, including the expansion of the green residential market, how competing green standards will affect the market, and profiles of the biggest players in the market.