Survey: Consumers Don’t Understand Green Terms

Survey: Consumers Don’t Understand Green Terms

Saying your company utilizes clean energy or makes energy efficient products might mean nothing to some consumers.

A survey conducted by EcoAlign, a strategic marketing agency focused on energy and the environment, has found that many consumers don't understand terms such as energy efficiency, smart energy and demand response.

The first EcoPinion Survey Report questioned 1,000 United States residents in the first week of November.

A creation of the Distributed Energy Financial Group, EcoAlign's mission is to align consumer behavior with energy and environmental needs.

"EcoAlign was created to close the gap between customers' stated intentions, e.g., reducing their carbon footprint, and their actual purchasing behavior," said COO and Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Fabbri.

Findings from the survey include: most consumers can't tell the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency, 70 percent do not understand the term smart energy, about 33 percent do not know what clean energy means and 41 percent do not know what demand response is.

The survey also asked consumers what they do to conserve energy and how much value they put on certain terms.

Visit EcoAlign’s website for the full survey.