Nokia Siemens Sees Profit in Energy Savings

Nokia Siemens Sees Profit in Energy Savings

Nokia Siemens Networks plans to cut energy consumption at some mobile base stations, saving both power and money.

The telecommunications company announced this week its goal to drastically cut energy use at base stations, which send and receive cell phone signals, by 2010 by adding new technology and software.

To save energy, sections of base stations could turn off or enter power-saving modes when network traffic is low, typically at night.

The stations could also operate at a higher temperature than normal to reduce air conditioning costs. While base stations are usually kept at 25?C, Nokia has found it can reduce energy use by 30 percent by keeping the room temperature at 40?C. Also, software that increases coverage could lead to fewer base stations.

Using all aspects of Nokia's energy-efficiency plan, a base station could cut up to 70 percent of its energy consumption.