Research Shows Financial Institutes Increasing Their Green Efforts

Research Shows Financial Institutes Increasing Their Green Efforts

Green efforts by U.S. financial institutions are increasing at the same time sustainable actions are growing as a market force, according to new research.

"The Sustainable Enterprise: How FSIs Are Restructuring in a Changing Environment," a new report by research and advisory firm TowerGroup, looks at what financial service institutes have done to be greener, what spurred those actions, and what companies need to consider when making environmentally-friendly or socially-responsible changes.

The report, authored by TowerGroup analyst Inci Kaya, finds that customer and employee demand is pushing the businesses studied to offer products and services that are eco-friendly.

Some measures already put in place include constructing green buildings, using renewable energy and taking steps such as cutting out paper statements and offering increased online access.

Initiatives in place or planned range from big to small, and affect both the companies and their customers.

New Resource Bank has received LEED gold certification and offers solar home equity financing. Citi has pledged $50 billion toward green investments and Bank of America plans to invest $20 billion against global warming, each over the next 10 years. JP Morgan Chase opened a LEED-certified branch and offer credit cards that steer proceeds to environmental charities. And World Bank offsets 100 percent of its power through buying renewable energy certificates.