Aurora Organic Dairy Takes Aim at its Emissions

Aurora Organic Dairy Takes Aim at its Emissions

Aurora Organic Dairy will join forces with the University of Michigan to measure and reduce its carbon footprint across the lifecycle of its product line.

The company, which produces organic milk and butter, also launched the Aurora Organic Dairy Foundation to fund, research and develop initiatives to benefit organic agriculture, farmers, processors and consumers.

The foundation's first grant, valued at more than $320,000, will fund the carbon footprint analysis, as well as a long-term research partnership with the University's School of Natural Resources and Environment.

The first phase of the research will work to develop an energy and carbon footprint model and create a baseline to measure future environmental performance. The lifecycle examination will explore environmental impacts from seed to shelf, such as manufacturing, cattle feed and product distribution.

The second phase will focus on improving the farm's environmental performance in areas such as non fuel-related carbon emissions.

"Our goal is to evaluate what we do on our farms and throughout our supply chain, and to develop tools for guiding our company and enhancing our sustainability performance," said Aurora President Mark Retzloff. "We intend to learn as much as we can about how to make organic agriculture even more sustainable."