Green Computing Drives Government Technology Purchasing

Green Computing Drives Government Technology Purchasing

The General Services Administration saw an almost 50 percent jump in technology purchases last year, partly due to governments switching to greener computing products.

Purchases though the GSA's IT Schedule 70 contract, a catalog of products and services available to federal, state and local governments, rose 45 percent in fiscal 2007 according to a report by research group INPUT.

Orders to the 503 companies listed in Schedule 70 were $361.2 million in fiscal 2007, compared to $248.5 million in fiscal 2006.

Wireless technology saw the biggest jump in sales, but the remained of IT equipment, software and service purchases included heavy interested in environmentally friendly products.

"The groundswell of green purchasing at the state and local level presents a real opportunity for GSA and scheduled vendors to offer green products, with the added administrative savings of cooperative purchasing vehicles," report author Jason Sajko said in a statement.