Renault to Boost Car Recycling

Renault to Boost Car Recycling

French car giant Renault last week announced it is to team up with waste management firm Sita as part of a joint venture designed to bolster the company's car recycling services.

The company said that the joint venture would take control of Indra Investissement, a car dismantling specialist with a network of 200 facilities across France, and would invest €100m over the next five years in the development of takeback and recycling services.

Renault said the aim of the alliance was to ensure effective recovery of 95 percent of all vehicles by 2015.

The company said that as well as delivering environmental benefits, recent increases in raw material prices meant that it should also deliver economic returns.

Car makers are also facing increasing regulatory pressure to improve their take back services and the recyclabilty of their vehicles with the EU's end of life vehicles directive requiring that 95 percent of a vehicle's mass must be capable of being recycled by 2015, compared to 85 per cent at present.