GM Moves to Green its Australian Supply Chain

GM Moves to Green its Australian Supply Chain

GM's Australian subsidiary will partner with the World Environment Center (WEC) to help make the automotive supply chain there more sustainable.

Seventeen suppliers of GM Holden have signed up to be involved in the "Greening the Supply Chain" program to improve their environmental performance. It has also been launched in Mexico, Brazil, Romania and China; GM China completed a similar program in August where experts worked with suppliers to help them improve their manufacturing processes.

"The aim of the GM / WEC partnership is to demonstrate the ability to achieve specific, measurable results that improve competitiveness across the supply chain through the application of sustainable development practices," WEC's president and CEO Terry Yosie said in a statement.

The company already has several green initiatives in place. For instance, GM Holden installed an energy monitoring system at its Fisherman’s Bend plant to drive efficiency in its furnaces and compressed air distribution plants. It also has been able to reduce water consumption per engine produced by 38 percent between 2002 and 2007.

GM also has tried to make it manufacturing plants zero waste, meaning that no waste is sent to landfills.