Paper Purchasing of Major Office Suppliers Shows Improvement

Paper Purchasing of Major Office Suppliers Shows Improvement

Major office supply companies have made progress incorporating more environmentally responsible practices, according to a new report card.

Staples and FedEx Kinkos topped the list of five major office supply companies examined by ForestEthics and Dogwood Alliance, which recently printed "Green Grades: A Report Card on the Paper Practices of the Office Supply Sector" in a splashy ad campaign in USA Today. All five companies, however, have improved their paper purchasing policies since the groups last issued a report card in September.

Staples received a B+ in the latest score card and got kudos for terminating a contract with Asia Pulp & Paper, which has a spotty environmental record. FedEx Kinkos also scored a B+, in part for its decision to shift its paper purchases away from areas in British Columbia where endangered caribou reside.

Office Depot earned a B- -- up from C+ -- for phasing out Asia Pulp & Paper products and goal of delivering more FSC paper products to market but the groups believe it needs to step up efforts in reducing products sourced from fragile Canadian Boreal Forests.

Corporate Express also moved up to C+ from a C for a new procurement policy and increase in FSC purchases. OfficeMax, the industry's "clear laggard," according to the report, scored a D+, up from a D. The company's procurement policy doesn't have strong Endangered Forest protection provisions.