Nike Works to Green its Supply Chain in Asia

Nike Works to Green its Supply Chain in Asia

Nike has teamed with four contract factories in China and Vietnam to help the facilities become more energy efficient.

The company finished the first phase of a longer-term initiative of slashing energy consumption of its suppliers within its footwear manufacturing roster. Each facility, however, is different with varying opportunities of lowering energy consumption.

That's because each footwear manufacturing facility contains more than 15,000 motors and 10,000 light bulbs. Sewing machines can top 6,000, and each structure can have a half-dozen chillers and boilers or four compressor fans.

Nike is initially focusing on where the bulk of energy consumed in each factory and identify the opportunities for the greatest energy savings. Over the summer, the company will launch a contract factory pilot program with a set of reduction goals before introducing a program to other key suppliers.

Earlier this year, the company introduced the Nike Trash Talk shoe, a basketball sneaker made mostly from manufacturing waste. Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash partnered with the company for the shoe, which is comprised of waste leather, scrap foam and environmentally preferred rubber, among other materials.