Tesco Adds Carbon Footprint to Product Labels

Tesco Adds Carbon Footprint to Product Labels

Supermarket chain Tesco has labeled 20 products with information related to each product's greenhouse gas emissions in a trial of carbon labeling.

Each item is labeled with a number showing the greenhouse gas emissions per serving, Reuters reported. The test items include orange juice, potatoes, laundry detergent and light bulbs.

The company has chosen to label only a few of the tens of thousands of items it carries because of the complexity of measuring a product's entire carbon footprint, Reuters reported. Tesco also hopes to receive consumer feedback while measuring the emissions of other products.

The labels show orange juice from concentrate has a lower carbon footprint than non-concentrate, and liquid detergent has less of an impact than powder detergent, the Daily Mail reported.

The government-funded Carbon Trust provided emissions figures based on commissioned and published research. None of the items in the pilot labeling program were shipped by air.