Ford and Timberland Lauded for CSR Reporting

Ford and Timberland Lauded for CSR Reporting

Ceres and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants recognized Ford and Timberland as top sustainability reporters in their annual competition that judges transparency in corporate environmental and social reporting.

The two companies shared top honors in a field of 87 nominations. Dell and Suncor also scored recognition for reporting on product stewardship and climate change, respectively.

"The Ceres-ACCA Awards reward transparency by giving recognition to organizations that report environmental and social performance in the most complete and credible way.” said Ceres President Mindy S. Lubber. “We do not reward rhetoric."

The announcement comes the same day that Timberland unveiled its new standards for reporting social and environmental issues. Beginning next month, the company will report CSR issues quarterly, rather than annually.

The quarterly reports will be released online, similar to its financial reporting, and will be followed by a stakeholder call. Its full CSR report will be published every two years.

Reports also will continue provide factory-level information. The stakeholder calls will focus on carbon neutrality, cradle-to-cradle products, safe and non-discrimitory workplaces and community environmental issues.

It is the second time Ford has won the reporting award. The company was lauded for including in its report greenhouse gas emissions comparison of its fleet against industry averages, as well as material sustainability issues that are having an impact on the company, such as climate change and sustainable mobility in emerging markets.