Ford Becomes First Car Company to Join The Climate Registry

Ford Becomes First Car Company to Join The Climate Registry

Ford Motor Company yesterday continued its history of leading the U.S. auto industry in climate reporting by announcing it would be the first automaker to join the Climate Registry, the North American voluntary CO2 reporting program.

Ford joins more than 200 other companies in the Registry, which has developed a single, standardized greenhouse gas reporting standard that has currently be implemented by almost all U.S. states and many provinces of Canada and Mexico. The Registry's reporting process is derived from the widely accepted emissions measurements standards developed by the World Resources Institute and World Business Council on Sustainable Development.

By joining the voluntary North American CO2 reporting group, the company has committed to measuring, reporting and independently verifying its greenhouse gas emissions for its facilities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Ford was also the only automaker to join the Chicago Climate Exchange and be enrolled in the U.K.'s Emissions Trading Scheme.

The company said that by joing the Climate Registry, it will be able to better focus its resources on finding and implementing projects to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions instead of interpreting and adapting its reporting practices to a host of competing standards around the globe.

"We endorse the TCR's reporting process because it has adopted the WRI/WBCSD reporting structure, which will ultimately lead to a common, single reporting standard worldwide," said Larry Merritt, Ford's manager of global environmental policy. "A single reporting standard is easier for its members and administrators to manage and more cost effective than developing new tools on a state-by-state basis."

More information, as well as details of the Climate Registry's General Reporting Protocol, are available online at