Hilton, Cox Communications Announce Sustainability Plans, Programs

Hilton, Cox Communications Announce Sustainability Plans, Programs

The Hilton Hotels Corporation has announced sustainability goals it hopes to meet by 2014, and Cox Communications has unveiled its latest efforts to conserve energy and resources.

Cox announced its Cox Conserves program last year, planning to reduce energy use by 20 percent by 2017. It's New England operations, running a variety of programs, are on track to meet that goal.

The company's headquarters in Rhode Island is using lighting and HVAC control systems that automatically shut off portions of the building during off hours, a move expected to cut energy use by 30 percent. Cox is also deploying a centralized power management system for its 1,500 desktop computers to better control when they are on, off and in sleep mode. It's call center has installed new lighting systems that use less energy and an efficient boiler system that is expected to reduce energy use by 40 percent.

Cox's New England operations have also started a number of reuse and recycling efforts, including a program to recycle or compost all paper, cardboard, plastics and food that passes through its cafeteria. It already uses compostable plates, trays and cups, and is shipping food waste and biodegradable materials to be turned into compost.

While Cox ramps up its efforts, Hilton Hotels has announced what it plans to do in the next five years. By 2014, Hilton aims to reduce energy consumption from direct operations by 20 percent, reduce carbon dioxide emission by 20 percent, reduce waste output by 20 percent and reduce water use by 10 percent.

Hilton also plans to put more focus on sustainable buildings and operations, using renewable energy and evaluating its purchasing policies.