Verizon Develops Its Own Efficiency Metrics

Verizon Develops Its Own Efficiency Metrics

In a bid to boost energy efficiency in new telecommunications equipment, Verizon on Thursday unveiled a set of metrics that will be applied to new products beginning next year.

The company is pushing equipment manufacturers to make new products such as broadband, data center, network and customer premises products 20 percent more energy efficient.

According to the company, the standards are similar to the Energy Star rating system, which often doesn’t exist for the types of equipment purchased by the company. Verizon’s equipment ratings are based on formulas that measure the energy consumption of equipment in various stages of operation. Elements of existing methodologies, such as SPECpower_ssj2008TM, were included in Verizon’s metrics.

Tested products will include optical and video transport systems, switches and routers, DSLAM high-speed internet equipment, optical line termination gear, data center servers and power adapters.

"Aside from the potential cost reductions involved, as a responsible corporate citizen, we want to be part of the drive toward greater energy efficiency," Mark Wegleitner, Verizon’s senior vice president of corporate network and technology, said in a statement. "Part of our plan to accomplish this is to request our suppliers' help in meeting our conservation goals."