Carbon Trust Launches New Biz Certification

Carbon Trust Launches New Biz Certification

The Carbon Trust last week unveiled a new certification for United Kingdom businesses that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions without using offsets.

The new "Carbon Trust Standard" is meant to assure consumers that companies with the certification aren't greenwashing, or making green claims about their environmental impacts without taking significant action.

"Our research shows that not only do consumers currently mistrust business' climate change claims, but that business thinks existing carbon award schemes are confusing and lack credibility," said Carbon Trust Chief Executive Tom Delay. “What business and consumers both share is a desire for one, credible way to prove an organisation has not only measured, but actually reduced their carbon emissions year-on-year without the use of offsetting.”

Under the program, companies must measure and reduce their carbon footprints year over year. The Carbon Trust awarded 12 organizations, or "pathfinders," the certification, which have collectively reduced their emissions 8.4 percent over three years.

The 12 entities are Abbey Corrugated, B&Q, Crown Prosecution Service, Dept. of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Dept. for International Development, DSM Nutritional Products - Dairy production site Scotland, King's College London, London Fire Brigade, Morrisons, Thames Water, Trinity Mirror and University of Central Lancashire.