Peet's Coffee Roastery Attains LEED Gold Status

Peet's Coffee Roastery Attains LEED Gold Status

The new artisan roastery of Peet's Coffee & Tea Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area has been awarded LEED Gold-level status by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The gold designation, which is based on adherence to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards, marks the first certification for a coffee roasting facility in the United States. It is also the highest LEED rating to be conferred to date on a building in the city of Alameda. 

In obtaining certification, the roastery addressed green requirements in five areas: site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

New systems, materials and fixtures sharply reduce consumption of resources, the company said. Use of natural light and energy efficient lighting rein in energy consumption by 40 percent. Eco-friendly landscaping, irrigation and plumbing fixtures cut water usage by more than 50 percent. Gas usage plummets by more than 85 percent thanks to redesigned heat recovery during roasting.  While constructing the new facility, builders recycled more than 75 percent of the debris and waste from the site.

The new facility features ample work spaces, a fitness room, lockers, showers and a large room for meal breaks, according to the company. The roastery also provides preferential parking for fuel-efficient vehicles and bicycles, and it’s handy to public transportation.   

"Peet's is to be commended for achieving LEED Gold certification for its roastery," USGBC President, CEO and Founding Chair Rick Fedrizzi said in a statement.  "This facility is a showcase for high-performance, energy- efficient space and healthy employees, and it serves as an inspiration for the community and the industry."

"For the past 42 years, Peet's has been dedicated to sustainable practices, and this building is yet another example of that commitment," said Patrick O'Dea, president and CEO of Peet's Coffee & Tea.

The company celebrated the awarding of LEED Gold status in a brief ceremony on July 30.