Green IT Takes Root in India

Green IT Takes Root in India

India has long been a destination for IT manufacturers and IT-dependent companies looking for highly educated, tech-savvy and relatively inexpensive labor.

Although the IT boom in India has followed the same pattern as in the West, signs point to a shift from the old paradigm of performance-per-dollar to performance-per-watt as a key metric in Indian IT purchases.

A report from Springboard Research released last year predicted that cost savings will drive green IT in the coming months, and two reports from the subcontinent seem to bear that prediction out.

"Most of the Indian corporations including the government offices, are very receptive to the use of energy-efficient computers in their enterprise," said Intel's South Asia director of sales, R. Ravichandran, in an interview with ZDNet Asia.

Ravichandran added that "Although the desire to create a greener planet will drive some implementations, the primary driver for green IT adoption in Asia-Pacific is the cost savings provided by higher energy-efficiency."

India is facing a significant power shortage: demand for electricity exceeds supply by some 70,000 megawatts -- for enterprise, government and consumer use across the board -- leaving companies with demanding IT needs having to power their hardware with external diesel generators.

When looking to save energy costs in their data centers, it seems that companies are increasingly looking to virtualization to boost their power per watt: a study from IDC India predicted that the number of virtualized servers in India would double between 2007 and 2008, rising from 22 percent to 45 percent.

At the same time, an article on, a Bangalore-based tech news website, explains the business benefits of greening the data center, as well as quick tips and best practices for doing so.