Verdiem, Microsoft Partner to Trim Computer Energy Use

Verdiem, Microsoft Partner to Trim Computer Energy Use

Verdiem this week uneveiled Edison, a free version of its Surveyor energy management software, designed to "bring PC energy management to the masses."

As part of the launch, Verdiem and Microsoft are touting the software as a way for individual computers to play a role in the Climate Savers Computing Initiative, which aims to reduce the overall emissions from global IT by 54 million tons in the next two years.

"PCs are the hidden energy hogs of the home and most users have no idea that they are needlessly throwing away 80 percent of their PC's energy," said Kevin Klustner, Verdiem's President and CEO. "If just 1 percent of all PCs used Edison we could potentially reduce environmental impacts by 7 billion pounds of CO2, which is equal to taking more than a half million cars off the road."

Verdiem is hoping to reach that 1 percent of the global PC population -- an estimated 10 million machines -- in the next year, by offering Edison software for free. The program is a slimmed-down version of Surveyor, Verdiem's corporate-level energy-management software, but gives Windows users control over when the software kicks in, and how much energy they want their computers to save.

The software is available for free from