ASDA Adopts Paper-Plastic Hybrid Milk Bottle

ASDA Adopts Paper-Plastic Hybrid Milk Bottle

Retailer ASDA has started stocking milk in containers made mostly of recycled paper and that are 90 percent recyclable.

The company is the first to adopt the GreenBottle, a half-gallon cardboard container with a removable plastic liner. The outer cardboard shell is made from post-consumer recycled content. primarily office paper, and is fully recyclable. GreenBottle says the cardboard portion makes up 90 percent of the container.

Although the plastic liner is not recyclable, GreenBottle says it takes up less than .5 percent of the space of typical milk bottles in landfills. According to the UK's Waste and Resources Action Programme, 75 percent of plastic bottles used by consumers are sent to landfills instead of recycling centers.

ASDA has adopted the GreenBottle as part of its effort to reduce packaging and offer more recyclable packaging.

The GreenBottle is being launched at the company's Lowestoft store in Suffolk, and the retailer plans to offer GreenBottles in 14 more stores later this year. ASDA piloted the GreenBottle at the Lowestoft store in May 2007 before planning the larger roll out.