Consumers Want Immediate, Noticeable Savings From Utilities: Survey

Consumers Want Immediate, Noticeable Savings From Utilities: Survey

If utilities want to have successful green energy programs, they need to make savings and options highly visible to consumers, according to an EcoAlign survey.

The fourth EcoPinion Survey asked 1,000 people about incentives that would get them on board with energy-saving products and services from utilities.

The most popular monetary incentive in general is discounts, with 85 percent saying they are extremely or very likely to use them. Seventy-seven percent said they'd be likely to use two-for-one deals and 75 percent felt the same way about coupons.

In terms of those same incentives as applied to specific utility programs, 74 percent would be interested in getting coupons from utilities for energy efficient light bulbs, and 67 percent would like mail-in rebates for buying energy efficient appliances.

When asked how they would want to receive savings from utilities, 50 percent said they would want credit on their utility bill, and 34 percent would want a check in the mail. From those results, EcoAlign determined that consumers want to see upfront, visible savings. Fewer consumers were interested in utility bill cost adjustments, savings accounts or rewards programs.

In that same vein, when asked what they would do with $200, 52 percent said they would put it in the bank. The next most popular option, using it to buy energy efficient appliances, was chosen by 9 percent of respondents. Even fewer said they would use it for new windows and doors, solar panels or insulation. Saving money, not small investments in energy efficiency, were more popular.