Neenah Paper to Power Largest Mill With Waste

Neenah Paper to Power Largest Mill With Waste

Neenah Paper, a maker of premium and specialty paper, plans to power its largest mill with wood and fiber waste starting next year.

The company is contracting with Vision Power to build a biomass energy system at its Whiting Mill in Wisconsin. The biomass system is expected to be complete by late 2009, replacing the mill's gas-fired boilers.

The system will utilize waste from the mill, which accounts for more than half of Neenah's paper production, as well as other biomass to create steam energy.

Neenah utilizes biomass at another manufacturing site, and purchases local hydro, solar and wind power for other operations.

Aside from greening its energy, the company also provides a number of environmentally preferable products, with Forest Stewardship Council certified, Green-e certified, 100 percent recycled content and chlorine-free, Carbon Neutral through the Chicago Climate Exchange and Green Seal certified paper.