Promise of Sustainable Forestry Ends Tree-Sitter Protest

Promise of Sustainable Forestry Ends Tree-Sitter Protest

Tree sitters have ended their demonstrations in part of northern California's Humboldt County after a timber company working in the area re-emerged with a new name and new purpose.

The Humboldt Redwood Co. takes the place of the Pacific Lumber Co., which had went bankrupt, was purchased and renamed, according to the LA Times.

After starting back up operations this month, the company's president and chief forester, Mike Jani, went into the areas of the North Coast redwoods where tree sitters had been keeping watch and spoke with them about the company's commitment to sustainable forestry.

The Humboldt Redwood Co. is part of the Mendocino Redwood Company, which earned and has held Forest Stewardship Council certification since 2000. In meetings with tree sitters, Jani promised that Humboldt Redwood Co. will follow sustainable forestry practices as well, especially staying away from the oldest of the redwoods.

The company's practices have convinced tree sitters in the area - activists had previously opposed the actions of the Pacific Lumber Co. since the '80s - to come down, the LA Times reported. Humboldt Redwood Co. operates in 328 square miles of forest.